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Brad Barber                  MOFD Director

John Jex                       MOFD Director

Craig Jorgens               MOFD Director

Steve Glazer                 CA State Senator

John Radke                  Berkeley Professor Fire Science Expert

Sue Severson               Former Orinda Mayor

Gina Arico-Smith

Dustin, Alexa, Grant, and Brett Smith

Summer and George Adranly

Jimmy and John Adranly

Brad Agler

Mike Alderete

Carole and Andy Amstutz

Ellen Au-Yeung

Renee and Dave Bagley

Penny and Ian Baird

Nick Barbarino

Cindy Barber

Becca and Brandon Bates

Melanie and Nate Bell

Daniel, Jackson, Cameron, Carolyn, and Griffin Bell

Darlene and Randy Bennett

Lauren and Steve Bennett

Sue and Richard Berger

Carol and Scott Bergren

Ray Berzins

Barbie and Craig Bocks

Dave Bonneville

Carol Boyd

Robin Bradley

Kathy Brotman

Lisa Brown

Rachel and Jason Burge

Kathy and Michael Burge

Keri Burge

Katie Burn

Monica and Dean Burnick

Margaret and Lynn Cannady

Allyn and Dan Carl

Joanne and Vince Caro

Dylan Caro

Karin Carrol

Angelique Champeau

Bonnie and Gurdeep Chimni

Manny Cho

Sam and Hae-Ja Choi

Maria and Jean Choi

Ann and John Cinderey

Danielle and Jim Cirelli

Gabby and Drew Cirelli

Karyn and Craig Coane

Will and Cindy Cogswell

Brad, David, and John Cogswell

Steve Cohn

Pat and Joanne Coleman

Megan, Will, Tim, James, and Bridget Coleman

Betty and Bruce Cooper

Don and Cathy Cooper

Haylee and Brody Cooper

Rose Anne Critchfield

Paulene Croci

Kannah Cruikshank

June Cunningham

Sis Curtis

Luise and Rich DeFabio

Sue and Joe DeGirolamo

Rich DeLany

Carmel Dewies

Sherry and John Diestler

Allison and Pat Doyle

Connor, Annie, and Ryan Doyle

Steve and Rosemary Durant

Meredith, Clare, and Hannah Durant

Rupert and Charlotte Dusauzay

Alexandria, Danielle, Gabe and Solomon Dusauzay

Mary and Tom Eggertsen

Veronica and Mark Erickson

Katie and Nicky Erickson

Marna and Phil Eyring

Teri and Ron Fadelli

Alexandra, Anthony, Dan, and Nick Fadelli

Mike Fafoutis

Alex, Chris, and Nick Fafoutis

Amy and Jeff Fara

Cath Farrell

Dennis Faye

Kathy Finch

Ellie and Bob Fisher

Peggy and Dennis Fitzpatrick

Cassandra Forth

Tom Frainier

Bev and Dave Fuhriman

Yvonne and Mark Fuhriman

Mike and Mary Gabrielson

Andrew, JJ, and Evan Gabrielson

Kellyn and Glen Gagon

Dan and Renie Gannett

Ryan and Alex Gannett

Laura and Eppy Giles

Laurie and Brett Goetzl

Michelle Goldsmith

Barbara Greenspan

Marlene and Mike Hallenberger

Cheryln and Tom Hart

Rosarie and Bailey Hartmeyer

Helen and Pete Haselman

Necia and Greg Hasler

Darlene Hattersley

Jeff Hawkins

Joyce Hawkins

Caroline Hayes

Chip Herman

Sandra and Ted Hilliard

Garrett Hinds

Tanner Hinds

Eileen and Scott Hoffinger

Laura, Erin, Patrick, and Kevin Hoffinger

Nancy and Pete Hofmann

Michelle and Mike Holbrook

Diane and Dave Hoopes

Bill Howard

Jiyhun and Bum Yeol Hwang

Suanne and Grant Inman

Kathy and Rob Jacobus

Marlene Jex

Susan and Hartwell Jordan

Lisa Jorgens

Nancy Kaible 

Bryant King

Carrie and Mark Korth

Jane and John Kotowski 

Marie Krenz

John and Charissa Kronenberg

Matt Kronenberg

Linda and Jim Landau

Bobbie Landers

Dan Lang

Sharyn Larsen

Laura and Rick Larson

Sam Larson

Chris Laszcz-Davis 

Jennifer Lawrence

Evan and Jack Lawrence

Bailey Lee

Yasaman and Young Lee

Mary Beth and John Leonard

Kelly and Will Leonard

Kym and Tom Leserman

Lisa and Gordon Lewis

Annette and Mike Linney

Laurie and Charlie Luecker

Susan Lum

Mary Kay and Charlie MacNulty

Jill and Jim Malley

Sean Malley

Dave Manousos

Laurie and James Matsuda

Kevin and Jonathan Matsuda

Mary and Mark Maxson

Yoni and David Mayeri

Tom McCormick

Tammy and Matt McCormick

Marise and Tom McIntosh

Aubyn Merie

Brent Meyers

Debi and Dave Meyers

Carolyn and Jim Mitchell

Melanie and Pat Moran

Bailey and Will Moran

Brenda and Gary Mossotti

Joyce and Bob Nelson

Sarah and Mark Nelson

Cindy and Mark Newton

Adam, Ted, and Meg Newton

Kim and Matt Nichols

Emily, Spencer, and Clark Nichols

Andy Norrell

Karen and Tom Norris

Jackie and Steve Novick

Natalie and Avery Novick

Bob and Carol Nykodym

Christine and John O'Connell

Lori and Mark Oczkus

Rachael, Rebecca, and Brian Oczkus

Teresa and Dave Ortega

Gabrielle and David Ortega

Lydia and Jeff Oxendine

Jake Oxendine

Janet and Norm Pease

Carol Penskar

Niki and Pepsi Phunmongkhon

Jeffery Phunmongkol

Trish and Brad Piatt

Randi and Larry Pines

Leslie and Mike Price

Margaret and Bruce Qualls

Kelly and Andy Ratchford

Liz and Joseph Reed

Elizabeth and Kevin Regan

Chris and Matt Rei

Carol Reis

Sandra Roadcap

Beth Rogers

Joe Rosenbaum

Connor and Hunter Rosenbaum

Maria and Dennis Rowland

Jane Ryan

Janet and Gary Sanders

Brian, Clay, and Evan Sanders

Nadia Sayegh-Sweiss

Dayna and John Sayres

David Schafer

Altie Schmidt

Mary Ellen and Charlie Schneider

Heidi and Brad Schoenberger

Hannah Schoenberger

Kathryn and Peter Sciamanna

Linda and Joseph See

Ralph and Sue Severson

Brandt, Chris, and Pam Severson

Claudia and Jeff Shafer

Jenna and Adam Shafer

Kathy and Dave Simon

Sharon and Dave Singh

Scott Singh

Denise Siri

Laurie and Todd Smith

Kathleen and Irv Sodos

Ann and Lee Sorenson

Cynthia and Richard Stanaro

Barbara Starrett

Pamela and Clint Stefan

Ramey and Mark Stevens

Allison and Cole Stevens

Julene and Dave Stevenson

Colleen Sullivan

Nadia Sweiss

Lucy and Al Talbot

Michael, William, Matthew and Christina Talbot

Merrily Taylor

Nancy and John Taylor

Nikki and Zack Taylor

Kimberly and Julian Thomas

Diane and Dean Thomas

Linda and Alan Thompson

Laura and Jeremy Tieman

Linda and Randy Tom

Phil Tringale

Tom Trowbridge

Penny and Peter Veres

Valerie and German Vergara

Vance and Kurt Vergara

Margie and Greg Vignos

John Walker

Caroline Way

Ofra and Bob Weiss

Kim and Jake Werrett

Pamela and Bob West

Shanette and Matt Westphal

Jacob Westphal

Donna White

Maile and Randy Williams

Brigid and John Wonder

Margot and Woody Woodward

David Wright

Carolyn Yancey

Marion and Warren Zee

Isa Mary Ziegler

Jane and Mark Zuercher

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